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Business and Management Solutions

TAG E-Solutions provides your business with a collection of advanced software solutions developed specifically to aid you in managing a variety of your business aspects, like HR management, document management system and others.


HR Management system:

A solution for the data entry, data tracking, and data information needs of the Human Resources, management, and accounting functions within a business.


Supply Chain system:

Purchase management and tracking system, along with warehouse and stock management


Health Insurance system:

A system to monitor and control health insurance policies, as well as beneficiaries and their claims.


Life Insurance system:

A system to monitor and control life insurance policies and their beneficiaries.


Recruitment system:

A database for managing applicants' CVs with advanced searching capabilities used by the recruitment companies to ease the way of finding candidates for a specified position.


Employees Attendance system:

Employees' attendance system and its integration with the payroll and vacation systems with the ability of customization based on internal policies.


Document Management system:

A solution used to track and store electronic images, electronic documents and/or paper documents. for full details about our DMS please click here.


Workflow System:

A management system that defines a series of tasks and procedures within an organization.


IP Management System:

We offer Intellectual Property (IP) management systems that contain clients' information along with the instructions received from them.

The system is used to track these instructions from receipt, processing and eventual registration by the corresponding parties. All the information regarding trademarks, domain names, industrial designs, patents, copyrights,etc. is stored in this system.


IP Tracking System:

B2B application (designed for the companies that provide IP services) gives your clients the ability to track their IP information and be up to date with their trademarks and patents and gives them the rights to make new instructions or requests online to minimize the paper work.