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TAG E-Solutions team of highly qualified and skilled professionals has extensive experience in ASP.NET, C#, VB.NET, PHP, JAVA, Oracle and mobile phone development and is dedicated to providing your business with software solutions that are tailored to your business needs.

Our services include desktop and web applications development, as well as mobile phone applications development. You can find below a summary of services we provide at TAG E-Solutions.

  • Applications Development:

Our development experience spans across multiple platforms, with applications developed both in-house and for clients. We utilize best-in-class technologies to provide clients with excellent applications. We take great pride in saying that our services are not restricted to just one industry but pan across multiple industries that encompass retail, wholesale, hospitality, travel, education, NGOs and many more. We offer extremely flexible solutions that will help in taking businesses further either through web applications development or through desktop applications development.

  • Mobile Applications Development:

TAG E-Solutions provides mobile application development using the leading mobile platforms Android, iOS, and Windows Mobile.

Our experience in mobile development enables us to offer various services to our customers including proof of concept, requirements analysis and design. Our interactive approach allows us to be responsive and effective.

  • Web Development:

TAG E-Solutions has extensive experience in building websites and interactive sites to accommodate small, medium and large organizations through using dynamic site support and content management system tools. Websites Development Service helps clients give an overview of the products and services they offer and get their business online. Our goal is to deliver a web solution that not only meets all the functionality needs, but also converts qualified traffic into sales through our industry-leading website development approach, thus allowing your organization to improve its website‘s return on investment (ROI). We dedicate our team's skills and expertise towards the success of your project. Each project is given careful individual attention. We are large enough to provide all necessary Internet development and design services.

  • Web Design:

The Web Design Teams job lies in creating website design templates and building HTML pages based on approved templates. The multimedia flash developer is also a part of the design team. He or she is in charge of developing flashes for websites as needed.

  • Web Auditing:

Our audit of your existing website by applying the international standards is an excellent way of assessing whether you are doing everything you can to maximize your online potential. Adherence to these standards will increase confidence of online users while certified websites will be able to drive traffic and raise advertising revenue for their owners.

We adopt international standards in web design and development: website design, website security, website engineering, website content and website advertising.

  • Web development using SharePoint Portal:

The Web Design Team’s job lies in creating website design templates and building HTML pages based on approved templates. The multimedia flash developer is also a part of the design team. He or she is in charge of developing flashes for websites as needed.

  • E-Marketing:

E-Marketing is a strategic component in the development of a successful business. Effective promotional methods, both online and traditional offline avenues, often make the difference between operating a profitable business and one that is not.

Services include:

-          Direct Mail.

-          Web and Banner Ads.

-          Pay-Per-Click.

-          Pay-Per-Impression.

-          Social Networks Campaigns: Facebook,Twitter, Linkedin, and others

  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO):

We can work on increasing the number of your website’s visitors by implementing all of the effective Search Engine Optimization (SEO) methods on your website (On-Page and Off-Page methods). This includes publishing the companies news, services and events on the Internet to activate the outreach concept between the companies and the global world to boost and track the number of the companies’ records and entries on the Internet.

  • Website Optimization (On-Page Optimization):

On-Page Optimization includes all optimization done internally on your new or current website. TAG Web Solutions will optimize the website and ensure it is focused on the correct keywords for correct indexing in the search engines.

While this is a crucial part of search engine optimization, On-Page Optimization does not increase traffic or position.

Traffic and Position Building (Off-Page Optimization):

Off-Page Optimization involves all optimization done externally for your website. In other words, we work with other websites, search engines, directories, information websites, and other channels to boost traffic to your site.

  • Search Engines and E-Marketing Consulting:

We offer hourly or retainer rates on search engine consulting, e-marketing, or traditional marketing. We can come on site (to your place of business) or set up phone-call sessions. We are eager to share the knowledge and expertise we have obtained over the years.

  • Pay-Per-Click campaigns (PPC):

Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay you when the ad is clicked. 

  • E-commerce Applications Development:

Providing B2B solutions that allow businessmen to perform all of the commercial processes through a system which supports transactions between businesses and their customers.

  • Email Marketing:

Sending advertisements to bulk of users in the Arab region for marketing purposes.

  • Media Management System:

Building systems to manage the websites of the media agencies with automating workflows to add, edit, delete, archive and update online media files dynamically.

  • Blogs, Forums, Polls and Surveys:

Building web-based forums and surveys to increase the outreach between companies and clients. 

  • Wiki Systems:

Building Wiki systems that allow users to manage the data dynamically.

  • Social Networking Capabilities

Building social networks that allow users to communicate and share interests and/or activities. Also, the possibility of building and managing static designed pages on the available social networks as a part of E-marketing.

  • Search Engines:

Building search engines that could be applied either internally within the website, or externally on the web.

  • Domain names registration:

An online application for domain names registration. This application allows you to search, renew and transfer domain names.

  • Professional Website Content Editing

We can proofread and edit a website content if needed through TAG-Translate, a dedicated team of translators who can help edit content in different languages for use on websites.

  • Electronic Archiving and Backlog Services (TAG-Archiving)

TAG-ITI’s TAG Archiving provides a range of services in the field of electronic archiving and backlog processing to bring the best practical business solutions to this ever-challenging sector. This enables organizations to reduce their paper archives and become more efficient.

Services include:

1.      Document Scanning Services:

TAG-Archiving can provide simple scanning of an organization's paper documents and deliver final digitized versions to the end customer.

2.      Document Management Outsourcing Services:

TAG-Archiving can provide end-to-end document scanning and archiving services from document collection to final delivery of digitized documents to the end customer, as well as the implementation of a document management system if needed.

3.      Document Management Consulting Services:

As TAG-Archiving employs many highly experienced archiving consultants, we can provide our expertise to organizations that are looking for a document management solution by providing archiving RFP preparation and associated vendor selection activities.